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National Harbor
165 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745

Built on a scale rarely seen, it is D.C.'s premier waterfront community, just steps from the nation's capital.  This exciting and vibrant community features a wide array of restaurants, unique shopping, stunning office space and lavish residences which make National Harbor a destination unto itself.  To learn more about National Harbor, click here

Now Open: Panda Tea House and Viaggio Pizza

Coming Soon: Hyatt Place (Fall 2020)

  • Boasting 28 million annual visitors
  • 3,300 Hotel rooms, including MGM National Harbor
  • 250 Time share units
  • 2,200 Residents with an average household income of $110,000
  • 325,680 sf Class A Office
  • 280,733 sf Retail, dining, and entertainment
  • 340,000 sf Retail outlet space
  • Located on 350 acres along the Potomac River
  • Features 3 piers and marina, The Plateau performance space, and Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
  • Conveniently located across the water from Old Town Alexandria with direct access to and from the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge, the Capital Beltway, I-95 and I-295

National Harbor

  Coming Available
Available Spaces
K1-3A 1,408 SF   K1-6 2,855 SF
K1-9 726 SF   L1-2 930 SF
M-1 2,716 SF   R1-4 11,902 SF
R1-6 3,675 SF  
Current Tenants
A1 Starbucks Coffee 1,592 SF
A2 Build-A-Bear 2,859 SF
A3 America! 1,468 SF
A4 Georgetown Olive Oil Company 1,125 SF
A5 The Dough Jar 1,186 SF
A6 ZAAF 731 SF
B1-1 Fiorella Pizzeria e Caffe 4,502 SF
B1-3 Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls 1,151 SF
B1-4 Chipotle Mexican Grill 2,742 SF
B2-1 Rosa Mexicano 8,782 SF
C-1 Redstone American Grill 6,846 SF
D1-1 Peeps and Company 3,537 SF
D1-2 Potbelly Sandwich Shop 2,495 SF
D1-3 Mezeh Mediterranean Grill 1,574 SF
D1-4 Crab Cake Cafe 1,753 SF
D1-5 Ben and Jerry's 1,245 SF
D2-1 The Tasting Room 1,216 SF
D2-2 Panda Tea House 1,055 SF
D2-3 Bond 45 9,000 SF
D2-4 Gifts 964 SF
E1-1 McCormick and Schmick's 8,015 SF
E1-2 Pier House 6,988 SF
E2-1 The Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck 12,154 SF
H1 Grace's Mandarin 9,948 SF
JF-1 Public House 6,484 SF
JF-4A The Irish Whisper Pub 1,200 SF
JF-4B Brother Jimmy's BBQ 4,432 SF
JW-1 Succotash 3,951 SF
JW-3B Alex & Ani 1,009 SF
JW-4 Brackish Waters 2,155 SF
JW-5 Comfort One Shoes 2,484 SF
JW-8 JoS. A. Bank 3,810 SF
JW-10 Jewelry 1,077 SF
K1-1 Versona 6,175 SF
K1-2 The Walrus Oyster & Ale House 6,706 SF
K1-3B Danforth Pewter 1,115 SF
K1-3C Icon Attractions 2,780 SF
K1-4 AC Marriott 985 SF
K1-5 Thai Pavilion 2,973 SF
K1-7 Betty 1,310 SF
K1-8 Nando's 3,638 SF
K1-10 Harbor Cleaners 883 SF
K1-11 Cafe 1,880 SF
K2-4 AC Marriott 3,056 SF
L1-1 Miguel Wilson Collection 838 SF
L1-3 Carhartt 3,388 SF
L1-4 Fashion 2,167 SF
L1-5 south moon under 4,602 SF
L1-6 Pepper Palace 2,186 SF
L1-8 Savannah's Candy Kitchen 2,560 SF
L1-10 Viaggio Pizza 1,750 SF
L1-11 JonLei Bridal Boutique 1,040 SF
L1-12 Del Sol & Cariloha 2,117 SF
L1-14 Fashion 2,862 SF
L1-16 Potomac Gourmet 6,253 SF
L1-19 The UPS Store 705 SF
L1-20 Divine Nails 1,527 SF
M-3 Gifts 1,593 SF
M-6 MUSE Paint Bar 2,844 SF
M-7 Office 1,740 SF
M-9 RE/MAX Realty 2,732 SF
M-10 Subway 957 SF
M-11 Elevation Burger 1,722 SF
M7-1 Future Activity 4,485 SF
P-1 Cadillac Ranch 9,389 SF
P-4 Bobby McKey's Dueling Piano Bar 7,768 SF
P-6 The Brass Tap 3,086 SF
Q1-1 CVS Pharmacy 10,141 SF
Q1-8 Harbor Urgent Care 3,752 SF
Q1-14 Local Motors 20,553 SF
Q1-15 World Media 3,512 SF

National Harbor

  • National Harbor - The Capital Wheel
  • Aerial view towards National Harbor
  • Interchange
  • Granite City
  • Gaylord National Harbor Hotel
  • Granite City
  • Potomac Gourment
  • Nando's
  • Grace's Mandarin
  • Waterfront Street - South moon under and Bond 45
  • South Moon Under
  • Waterfront Street
  • National Plaza
  • Bond 45
  • Bond 45
  • Savannah's Candy Kitchen
  • South Moon Under
  • Walrus Oyster Ale House
  • Walrus Oyster Ale House
  • Waterfront Street and National Plaza
  • Rosa Mexicano
  • The Awakening on National Plaza
  • National Plaza
  • Crab Cake Cafe
  • Fiorella and Chipotle
  • Redstone American Grill
  • Redstone American Grill
  • Waterfront street
  • National Plaza
  • Succotash
  • Carhartt
  • AC Hotel
  • Waterfront Street
  • Starbucks
  • Waterfront Street
  • Public House
  • Brother Jimmy's BBQ
  • The Irish Whisper Pub
  • Bobby McKeys
  • Cadillac Ranch
  • Muse Paint Bar
  • Alex and Ani
  • Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
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